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The UK based Artist Duo Rouwen and Reeve have been exploring ideas for project based work since 2015.

Using a range of mediums and techniques they capture what can often be missed or passed-by such as the relationship between objects and their surroundings.


The combination of 2D, 3D and 4D formats - paintings, prints, sculptures and video - gives multiple perspectives for exploring each subject and they enjoy the freedom to adapt techniques to fit each project. 

They grow as collaborative artists by constantly experimenting and shifting between projects.

Working and living together in Dorset, Beverley Rouwen and Douglas Reeve constantly challenge each other to produce new perspectives and interpretations. 

Beverley Rouwen is a long established painter with a career background in graphic art. 

She enjoys exploring ambiguity within ideas and the flexibility of using different techniques and mediums to convey that sense. She sets the direction for most of their projects. 


Douglas Reeve has a background in engineering and finance, and a PhD in philosophy. Not the usual background for an artist but one that ensures plenty of questions. He makes abstract sculptures in ceramic and bronze. He also contributes to their print making.

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